Old Sturbridge Village

My wife and I had a babysitter lined up for Tuesday night and decided to go for a quick walk before our dinner out (at our favorite local restaurant Cedar Street Grille).  She knew just what to suggest – a quick lap around her walking trail at Old Sturbridge Village.  She comes here on a regular basis with her best friend and was curious how many miles she was actually burning on each lap.  MapMyHike in hand, we took a quick tour and learned it was a 1.44 mile loop, rather than the “about a mile” she was assuming before.


It’s a quick and pretty walk through the grounds.  As members, dropping in for a little exercise is no big deal.  From the entrance, head towards the common, and then bank right after the Center Meetinghouse and loop up into the woods and then back down to the Freeman farm.  Cut through the fields below the farm and come back out by the Gristmill.  Detour out to the Quinebaug bridge and then follow the river back to the Vermont bridge before coming back to the Common.  Go past the Printer and hang left back towards the Visitor Center.

Repeat as needed and time allows!  Here’s a map of the property if you want to try it yourself…